Taffy of Torpedo Junction

Taffy of Torpedo Junction
by Nell Wise Wechter
New Foreword by Bland Simpson

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Taffy of Torpedo JunctionA longtime favorite of several generations of Tar Heels, Taffy of Torpedo Junction is the thrilling adventure story of thirteen-year-old Taffy Willis, who, with the help of her pony and dog, exposes a ring of Nazi spies operating from a secluded house on Hatteras Island, North Carolina, during World War II. For readers of all ages, the book brings to life the dramatic wartime events on the Outer Banks, where German U-boats turned an area around Cape Hatteras into 'Torpedo Junction' by sinking more than sixty American vessels in just a six-month period in 1942. Taffy has been enjoyed by young and old alike since it was first published in 1957.

About the author
Nell Wise WechterThe late Nell Wise Wechter, an Outer Banks native, was a widely admired author, storyteller, historian, and journalist. As a schoolteacher near Cape Hatteras during World War II, she could look out her classroom window to see ships being sunk by the Germans. Her story of Taffy was inspired by these real events and the courage of the people who lived through them. Her other books include Swamp Girl, Betsy Dowdy's Ride, and Teach's Light.

Awards & Distinctions:

Winner of the 1957 Award in Juvenile Literature, North Carolina Division of the American Association of University Women

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